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Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. Knipa do not place lighted candles This symbol on the on the apparatus. By ensuring this product is protective housing inside the disposed of correctly, you will help enclosure. For more detailed attempt to disassemble the cabinet. For any service or guarantee matters This label is located on the laser please refer to the addresses given in protective housing inside the separate service or guarantee enclosure. However, the into the cabinet, unplug the recorder excessive dust, or mechanical contents will not be backed up or and have it checked by qualified shock. It is designed to formatted or replaced, it will be When disconnecting the mains be operated in a horizontal done at the discretion of Sony.

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During installation, make sure that the genomsnittlig insulation and tactile surface are tightly coupled and fixed! There shoule no gap! Installed and then power, wait 3 seconds after initialization, it may be normal operation! Recommended method of installation: The first, the shell form a card slot, the touch button can be put in firmly locked. The second, the use of hotelse melt adhesives, the touch button knipa shell close to the adhesive hotelse melt can be used to direkt.

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